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tek-tastic, Inc. experienced team works with organizations across a wide range of industries to deliver critical solutions based on real-world needs. No two industries have the same requirements when it comes to executive leadership. We take a tailored approach based on industry-specific factors, as well as an in-depth understanding of your organization itself. The result? A hand-in-glove fit and leaders that can guide and develop your business as it moves into the future.



Administrative service organizations have grown in popularity in recent years. They offer other businesses the opportunity to refocus on key responsibilities while outsourcing back-office needs to a trusted partner. Some of the more commonly outsourced administrative tasks include payroll and accounting, benefits administration, and corporate benefits administration.


While the accounting and finance industry has been slow to change historically, that is no longer the case. The digital transformation that has affected other industries has also affected accounting and finance organizations and forced them to adopt new technologies while navigating unique regulatory hurdles and still providing transparent customer-facing services.


Construction companies must make their mark based on trust, dependability, and quality. Vision, innovation, and a dedication to customer satisfaction are also vital parts of the mix. Executives must understand this on an intrinsic level if they are to lead effectively while positioning the organization as an industry leader. At Talent Logic, Inc. we identify leaders who have a deep understanding of what is required to establish a construction organization as an industry icon and then maintain that reputation over time. We also help you build entire executive teams to lead the business forward.


We live in a digital world – electronics are all around us every minute of the day. From the smartphone on your wrist to the new turntable in your living room, electronics make modern life possible. However, to thrive in today’s world, electronics companies must be forward-looking and committed to innovation, while also being dedicated to protecting the environment. The right executive leaders create a path forward through innovation, taking advantage of cutting-edge technology, and pioneering new roads. Talent Logic, Inc. helps you find exactly the leaders you need.


As an executive services firm, you deliver critical solutions to your clients, whether that’s in the form of marketing, advisory, or consulting services. You develop corporate strategy, negotiate with suppliers and potential partners, create a resilient corporate structure, and so much more. However, without the right hand at the helm, your firm may not present the right picture to potential clients. Your own firm must exemplify what you promise to clients, and that begins with your leadership. Talent Logic, Inc. makes it simple to find key executive talent and ensures that your organization is well-positioned as an executive industry leader.

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